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Deliver Value Prior to Purchase

It’s best to think of your potential customers on a continuum that progresses from a casual shopper to ultimately a purchaser. However the gap between showing interest in a product and eventually buying that product can sometimes be months or even years!

Create your own Group

This eCommerce Growth Group that we developed is exactly the kind of thing that you build for your business. Take time to create video’s, PDF’s, set up a Facebook page and start out by helping answer the questions your customers have.

Give Away Information

If you don’t want to commit to creating a group with all the work that entails, then start small. Create an ebook or email course that talks about your product and the industry that surrounds it.

You can get started by hiring a writer, go over to Content Runner, find a great writer and you can hire someone to write your ebook. If there is a service component to your business offer a free trial period, let someone test out your product prior to purchase.

Once you get the email address from the customer in exchange for your free giveaway, don’t start off trying to sell right away. Your first interactions via email with the customer, keep in mind that you are trying to educate the consumer so they have a better understanding of the market. Once you have warmed up the customer with lots of great information then you can start to subtly sell.

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