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Magento to Shopify Plus Migration

Why would you Migrate from Magento to Shopify Plus?

There are many reasons you might consider migrating from Magento Enterprise or Magento Community to a Shopify Plus account, here are some of the common ones:

  • Save money on license and server fees
  • Tired of moving all of your customer, order and item data each time Magento releases a new version
  • Managing your own server on Magento is expensive and time consuming

These are the primary reasons that many people are thinking of switching from Magento to Shopify Plus. For more information on Shopify Plus or to access our Magento to Shopify Plus Migration Guide, sign up for our newsletter below.

  • Shopify Plus is a Fully Hosted Solution – Stop Worrying About Your Site Going Down
  • Increase Sales – Access Over 1,500 Public Apps to Connect with Customers on Google, Facebook, Instagram and More!
  • Put Yourself in Control of Your Store – Easy to Manage Shopify Plus Dashboard for Adding New Features

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Magento vs Shopify Plus Feature Comparison

Price and feature comparison of Magento to Shopify Plus based on a store with ~$10M in yearly sales.

Magento Shopify Plus
Server & Database Self Hosted – MySQL Cloud Based – Proprietary
License Fees/Cost* $4,000/month + $2000/month
Server & CDN Costs $1,000/month + Included
Security & SSL Certification Your Responsibility Included
Maintenance Hours Significant Limited
PCI Compliance Your Responsibility Included
Feature Enhancements Extensions Apps
Mobile Friendly Yes – with Customization Yes – with Customization
Wholesale Ordering Yes – with Extensions Yes

*License Fees/Cost estimates based on $10M/year in ecommerce revenue.

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