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Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

Create a Well Formatted Headline/Tagline

Your headline should be bold, prominent and relatively succinct. In the example below we lead with the primary offer: $50 Tax Return Coupon. If the client wants to save money on their taxes they are going to spend a few seconds and enter their name, email and phone number.

Use Images (Appropriately)

There are subtleties to your images that you shouldn’t ignore. For example if you use an image of a person have them looking in the general direction of your call to action. Users’ eyes will flow to the image and then to where they are looking – it’s the little details that count!

Have a Prominent Call to Action

Choose your button color wisely! No this doesn’t mean you need to spend hours running A/B split tests on whether or not this shade of orange converts better than the next shade of orange (unless you are a mega retailer on the web, then by all means, test away).

Stay Above the Fold, but Don’t Stress About It

“Above the fold” is the area on the screen you can see when you first click on a web page. Now with iphones, android phones, tablets and desktop, the above the screen area is obviously different depending on the device of your user.

Limit the Number of Outbound Links

Your landing page should hook the user right away and try to get them to achieve a desired action: submit an email address, purchase a product, pick up the phone and call you or anything else you want to happen.

Setup Proper Tracking In Google Analytics

Tracking your customer once they arrive on your landing page is critical. Installing Google Analytics (it’s free!) on your landing page will allow you to track:

  • Time spent on page
  • Bounce rate (how many people clicked the back button right away)
  • Keyword data (though much of this will show as “not provided” due to changes Google made in 2012)
  • Goals and Event Tracking (see here INSERT LINK TO GOALS PAGE for more detail on setting up and configuring Goals in Analytics)

Invest in a Call Tracking Number

Want to know if those phone calls are coming from your landing page? How do you know if that $10,000 AdWords campaign is generating calls and new business? The way to find out is to sign up for a call tracking number that forwards to your main business phone number. We love using Twilio for call tracking, it’s very inexpensive to get started and you can use their…

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