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Melissa Moseley

Melissa has both client and agency experience with a background in digital and eCommerce marketing. She loves creating experiences that tell a brand story connecting companies with customers. Melissa enjoys collaborating with clients while identifying additional opportunities to help them grow their business.

Bree Therkildsen

Adventurer, cat-mom, and sci-fi enthusiast. I love to make things happen – and to meet people and learn things in the process! In my free time, I might be hiking through the PNW wilderness… or I might be on the couch eating pizza and watching X-Files with my husband. It’s a toss up.

Evan Wheeler

Rhythm game fanatic, avid tinkerer, and web developer. I’m always seeking opportunities to learn new things and to help other people. If I’m not at my desk, I’m probably lost in an arcade somewhere.

Michael Gibbons

Physics degree holder with a love of programming. I love solving new and interesting problems and learning all I can along the way. I enjoy chicken nuggets and video games. When I’m not programming you can usually find me in my bed surrounded by empty soda cans.

Duc(k) Nguyen

Full-time developer, full-time daddy, and part-time at being-cute. I love working with clients, solving technical challenges, and developing products that meets our client’s goals and represent their business values.

Elizabeth Benner

Web Developer, Disney Enthusiast, and PNW Adventurer. When I’m not at work you can usually find me exploring Washington and finding new places to discover.

Matt Peters

Matt is the Chief Technology Officer for Ambaum and possesses a wide array of development talents. He has a passion for teaching, learning and helping other team members on all kinds of Shopify Plus and custom development projects.

David Dunn

David fell in love with eCommerce and helping grow brand’s digital strategies while at a Shopify Expert agency. In addition to Project Management, David brings a passion for leadership, technology, people, and good sushi.

Andrew Crawley

Andrew is our Senior Technical Project Manager at Ambaum and grew into the role after spending time as a programmer for the first 3 years at the company. Andrew leads large Shopify Plus migration and maintenance projects and is adept at developing strong relationships with our clients.

David Stober

Business builder, eCommerce, digital, and growth marketing leader, and Shopify Plus merchant since 2014. David leads operations and creative at Ambaum and works with clients ranging from startup DTC brands to high growth, venture-backed companies. He is design inspired, spreadsheet focused, and constantly curious.