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Shopify Maintenance Contract

Ambaum offers maintenance contracts to make sure your Shopify store looks great, loads quickly and is performing at its highest potential.

Ambaum Maintenance Contract
Running your Shopify store, fulfilling orders, marketing your products and dealing with customers is a full time job. Let Ambaum help you manage your store and take programming off your plate:

  • Maintenance support, we are there in case your store isn’t functioning correctly and you need help
  • When we receive the bug request we will confirm with you and implement a fix as soon as possible (typically within the first 24 hours).
  • You can contact me ( or your lead programmer if you need help with your site.
  • Page Speed improvements, if we have extra hours in your maintenance plan (for the Standard plan and above) we will tackle page speed improvements on your site
  • Conversion Optimization suggestions (for the Advanced plan)
  • Support hours for us are between 9am PST and 7pm PST. If you have issues outside of our normal support time contact your lead programmer and we will fix as soon as we can.

How does it work?
Our in-house team of professional programmers is on hand to fix any bugs or issues that pop with your Shopify store. Did you implement a new app and it broke your collections page? Let us help you fix it. What about a new pop over add that you installed, did you make sure to check and see how that looks on a mobile device? If there are issues we can fix them so your traffic keeps converting at a high level.

What is covered in the maintenance support?
If you are experiencing design issues, broken pages or your customers are having issues with your site in different browsers we can make updates to fix your Shopify store.

Our maintenance contract does not cover major projects. For example if you need to build a private app, or are looking for a complete redesign of your site we can help you with that work it would be done separately outside of your maintenance contract.

What are page speed improvements?
If you are on our Standard plan or higher, we will use any extra hours in your maintenance plan to tackle page speed improvements on your site

What are conversion optimization suggestions?
If you sign up for our Advanced Maintenance Plan it includes conversion optimization suggestions. We will review your purchase funnel from your home page, to a collections page, to your product detail page, cart and then to your checkout. If we see improvements we will make recommendations and only implement after you give the go ahead.

How much does it cost?
We provide 3 different monthly maintenance plans:

Basic Plan: 1 hour of maintenance each month billed at $175/hour (hours don’t roll over)
Standard Plan: 2 hours of maintenance each month billed at $150/hour (Includes page speed improvements & hours don’t roll over)
Advanced Plan: 4 hours of maintenance each month billed at $125/hour (Includes page speed and conversion optimization updates & hours DO roll over)

We bill our contracts 6 months in advance. You can upgrade your plan at any time.

If you need more hours or have multiple stores, custom plans are available upon request.

What if I also need growth recommendations and help with marketing?
If you are looking for more than just site maintenance, we offer site enhancements, marketing support and strategic growth recommendations with our Growth + Maintenance Contract.

What if I need onsite programming assistance?
We can provide on-site support with our programming staff at a rate of $175/hour. We do ask that you give us 3-5 working days advance notice if you want to book onsite assistance.

Emergency on-site support is available if you need a programmer in the next 12-24 hours, that rate is $200/hour. We don’t provide onsite support at night (anytime after 6pm PST)

How do I communicate what I need done?
Projects can be communicated directly to your lead programmer via phone, email or your preferred project tracking system.

I thought Shopify provided support?
Shopify does provide you with platform support for when you have a problem with the hosting, administration or the checkout process. Ambaum’s support works alongside Shopify’s support to give you a best in class website.

What if I have more questions and not sure which plan I should sign up for?
Contact us and we can help! Send us an email or reach out to me directly and I can help you out.