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Custom eCommerce Growth Audit

  • Where do you stand against your competitors?
  • How efficient is your SEO strategy?
  • Discover new opportunities to acquire new customers.

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Current signups for a custom growth audit is closed. Join the waiting list below when more spots open up.

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1. Determine if you need this

Running a marketing team or a digital agency can be overwhelming. Resources get thin, acquisition costs keep going higher, and you start to hit diminishing returns a lot faster than in previous years. This customized audit will provide a fresh look into any missing gaps, what your competitors are doing, and where the next opportunities may be to place future bets.

2. Secure your spot

We didn’t anticipate how popular these were going to be and given how these audits can take time to complete, we are at capacity. We leverage the latest technology and tools to create a custom report for each customer.

3. Complete your onboarding Q&A

Once payment is complete, you will receive a digital form with a few questions about your business. Our data analyst may need a guest account access into Google Analytics and eCommerce dashboard to gather key metrics.

4. Receive the audit

After 1-2 weeks, you will receive a 15-20 page growth audit detailing competitor benchmarks, SEO and opportunities to augment your monthly marketing analysis.

5. Take action!

Review with your team, agency, and partners on where to focus your resources on the highest impact areas for your company.

Why we created this

Having been in the digital marketing space for over 20 years and delivering a good amount of these audits, we found some recurring themes that could provide some clarity on your digital marketing roadmap.

These are:

  1. A focus on long term high impact activities.
  2. Benchmarks & gaps against your competitors.
  3. Knowing what to measure.
  4. Making sure you’re on the right track.
  5. Getting to clarity to accelerate growth.

Join the Waiting List

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our growth audit & roadmap costs $5,000 per website and includes a $2,000 credit towards any future promotion campaigns.

How do I know it’s for me?

The audits provide the most value to businesses that are generating at least $1 million in sales per year with a minimum of 2 years in business.

When can I get started?

We’re currently at capacity, but will let you know once we open this up. In the meantime, you can prepay to secure your spot.

What if I’m a new business?

We recommend businesses that are doing at least $1M in annual revenue.

If you’re new, we can offer a competitor audit to identify weaknesses and gaps to structure your acquisition strategy.

What if I’m working with an agency?

We actually work with a lot of agencies to help produce these audits for their customers. In-house marketers generally want to augment what their agencies are doing and course correct on any action items if needed.

What if I don’t have time for onboarding?

Not a problem. We’ll have a work around to get you the data that you need.

Can you help me grow my business?

We have limited engagement spots available. We also don’t take on customers in the same space due to conflict of interest.

What if I have questions about the audit?

Someone from our team will respond with any clarifications about the methodology used.

How will I receive the audit?

We will deliver the audit in a pdf file.

-Thanks! Our team will contact you soon to start the process.-