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Host with Ambaum and we will actively monitor your site and respond quickly if there are any downtime issues. You don’t need to understand your server configuration or call up customer service to find out why your site is down, we take care of that for you. Here is what we our hosting plan covers:

  1. We will host your site on a virtual private server that has much more memory, disk space, etc than a standard shared host. GoDaddy and similar companies offer $10/month hosting plans that stick your site on a server with hundreds of others and when one site gets hacked your site is now susceptible as well.
  2. We monitor the uptime on our servers to ensure that we can respond as fast as possible in the event that the server goes down.
  3. We will handle any issues with the server so that you don’t have to. There are periodic server updates that happen and require us to make changes in how we design our sites, when this happens we update your site so that everything runs smoothly.
  4. If your site is on WordPress we will update the core WordPress files Quarterly (and usually monthly). Updated WP files can greatly mitigate (but not completely remove) the threat of your site getting hacked.
  5. For sites that start hosting with us now (starting in 2017) we will automatically include a free SSL certificate that automatically renews.
  6. The site files and database are all backed up on Amazon S3 so that if our server fails we have access to a backed up version of your site. Backups are taken at a minimum of once a month.

If you have any questions about hosting, just ask us!

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