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Shopify Seattle Meetup Event March 22nd, 2018

Last night on March 22nd, 2018 we hosted our 3rd ever Shopify meetup at CodeFellows in downtown Seattle. The following companies and people participated in the event:

Really great job by the speakers! I kicked things off by giving a brief overview of Ambaum along with some slides showing the amazing growth of Shopify. Accumula followed my presentation with a great overview of their platform for uniting instore sales with your ecommerce store. That was followed by Tom McMahon’s presentation for Flexe, if you aren’t thinking of your warehouses and delivery times as a competitive advantage for your business, it’s time you did!

Charla Session-Reed then spoke for ShipStation and had a very interactive logo game that helped draw the audience in for her presentation on ShipStation and their powerful shipping management tools. Finally, Stephen Smyth was kind enough to drive down from Vancouver and provide an update on the latest Shopify developments. There is so much going on with Shopify right now and it’s a great time to be a merchant on their platform, more announcements to come in May 2018 at Shopify Unite!

The final event of the night was a Shopify Plus panel. I moderated the panels and asked the merchants questions about Shopify, their favorite apps and areas where they would love to see new features in the Shopify platform. Rachel Simmons from TomboyX, John Smersh from Click! Design that Fits and Kaine Kornegay from Paradise Fibers all provided insightful advice for our audience. The app recommendations from the panelists were amazing, if you aren’t doing email capture on your site with an app like Wheelio or Privy, you should start!

I would like to thank Code Fellows for allowing us to use their space for our event, it is such an outstanding facility! We had a videographer at the event and will be sharing the slides on our YouTube channel in a couple weeks. If you want to see a past event, you can see all the videos here from our October 2018 event. We are planning another event this Fall and will make sure to get the word out so we can get even more people and companies in the Shopify ecosystem to participate.

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