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Shopify Seattle Event – Marketing and Metrics

On October 5th, 2017 we hosted our 2nd official Shopify Meetup of the year. The event focused on marketing and metrics, here is a description of what we covered:

Are you looking for new ways to drive sales for your store? If so, you need to attend our Shopify Seattle Meetup on October 5th where we will discuss marketing tactics and strategy. Our event will feature a panel of Shopify Plus store owners who will share insight into what works for their business. We are also going to dive into marketing metrics and geek out about on things like CAC, churn and CLV and other marketing metrics. Are you wondering if you should attend? If you’re an online retailer looking to scale your business, we want you!

The focus of the event was 2 panels of 7 Shopify Plus merchants. They all did outstanding and provided tons of value to our attendees. I moderated the panels and asked the merchants questions about customer acquisition, which channels work and how they are tracking conversions and sales data. Special thanks to all our merchants for participating:

Also I would like to thank Code Fellows for allowing us to use their space for our event, it is such an outstanding facility, Brandy and Elizabeth you both were super helpful!

Stephen Smyth was kind enough to drive down from Vancouver and provide an update on the latest Shopify developments. There is so much going on with Shopify right now and it’s a great time to be a merchant on their platform, especially with Shopify Plus where Shopify is continuing to add new features at a rapid pace.

I was able to hire a videographer for the event and captured each of the questions for the panelists. If you’d like to watch more of these videos shoot me an email and I can get you access. We are going to be sharing these videos with our clients to help give them inspiration for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday push coming up a month from now. Here is an example video, in this one we discuss Instagram, what’s working and what’s not working for merchants:

Looking forward to hosting another event in the February/March time frame at Code Fellows. The preliminary topic is going to be inventory, how do you manage inventory, what tools do you track and how does it all integrate with your Shopify store.

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