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Octane AI Shoppable Quiz Blog

Octane AI’s Shoppable Quiz:

We are excited to share our SMS partner **Octane AI** has released a new product called “The Shoppable Quiz, and just in time for the holiday season! The Shoppable Quiz introduces the in-store retail experience online, is not industry specific, and is completely customizable to match your brand’s colors, fonts and more. Brands can add an embeddable, full-page quiz to their website and customers have the ability to add products directly to their cart from the quiz results page. Check out Octane AI’s new product demo video, and listed below is an overview of some key features:

  • Personalized shopping experience: the quiz can be tailored and personalized to customers by asking questions to build buyer profiles and match them with the right product recommendations.
  • Collect valuable data: Data collected from the quiz can be used on-site and in marketing for personalization and retargeting.
  • Opt-in Tool: Customers who participate in taking the online quiz are considered valuable prospects, turning them into subscribers for Email, SMS and Messenger.

Data from Octane AI’s Shoppable Quiz shows a significant lift in AOV for customers taking the quiz, and clients are seeing an increase in email subscribers too. Having the Shoppable Quiz ready for the holiday season will significantly help increase your BFCM business!


With each quiz question, merchants have the capability of customizing the layout, size and shape of images. Different product blocks can be updated, allowing merchants the ability to have more customization over how their results pages look. From product image ratios, to desktop vs mobile-specific settings to text size, to choosing what content gets displayed— all of this can be customized based on your business’ needs.

The Shoppable Quiz opens up a ton of personalized shopping and customer profile building possibilities for your brand. Now is the perfect time to roll out this exciting product, just in time for the holiday season!

Interested in learning more about the Shoppable Quiz and setting up a demo? Contact Ambaum here and we are happy to help!

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