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Notion for Students and Teachers

While the school bell may not be ringing for everyone this year, virtual learning will be the new norm for some students and teachers.

Being in the technology space, we wanted to showcase a virtual learning platform, share technology supplies and tools to help virtual learning, and suggest ways you can help support local schools.

Notion for Students and Teachers:

As our agency is in growth mode, we collectively decided to use Notion to organize our business. Notion is a single consolidated platform for all team members to utilize and collaborate together. Within Notion, there are many different standard templates available to help organize a business, and that’s when we came across the Education section of templates.

While there are quite a few virtual learning platforms, Notion is a great way for schools trying to consolidate into a single platform, and is available for free for both students and educators.

Teachers can use Notion to manage attendance, create lesson plans, calculate grades, and track student progress.

Remote learning can lead students to additional distractions since they are in a different learning environment. Students can use Notion to help them with overall task management, staying organized and focused. Notion has a template for note taking, gears students to stay focused with a daily agenda, and a section to manage and publish homework.

Student and Teacher’s Virtual Learning Tools:

Listed below are a few supplies to help both students and teachers with remote learning:

Supporting Education:

There are many ways you can give back to your local schools, however we chose to support the STUFF the BUS initiative in our area. This school year you can support the Stuff the Bus program by financially donating, or fulfill a wish list of supplies for schools in need in your local area.

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