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Fractional Shopify CTO

One of the best things we did last year was change our messaging around our services. Ambaum has always been a Shopify Plus development agency, and that’s how we used to explain ourselves to prospective clients. We made a decision last year to lead with fractional Shopify CTO and it’s really resonated with the brands we’ve talked to.

What does it mean to be a Fractional Shopify CTO?

  1. Listen and advise, don’t immediately jump to “fix it mode”

What are the long term implications of this technology choice? Should your brand take on more complexity and support more systems? Discuss alternative paths and the corresponding trade-offs; both today and tomorrow. Unpack build vs. buy scenarios and attempt to identify all possible consequences and outcomes.

  1. Alignment with what merchants really need

Ambaum is your trusted partner, not just a service provider. If you ask us to do something, let’s first talk about why you’re doing it and what are your different options.

  1. Treating Shopify as the technology “Hub” for DTC brands

As a DTC first merchant, Shopify is your primary platform and as you grow you will have other systems “spoke” out of your site (ERP, custom software, etc). Merchants need someone to run point and be an advocate for them during conversations with other technology vendors.

It’s been rewarding to find product-market fit as an agency. We see the results daily as our messaging allows us to connect with Shopify merchants that need a fractional Shopify CTO.

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