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Co-Partner Post: Brand Focus Digital

Brand Focus Digital Built Upon an “Amazon” Foundation

I often get asked about the so-called “backstory” as to how Brand Focus Digital was born. A significant impetus behind our company relates back to my experience with Amazon, where I served as a Vendor Manager for over five years. Working within the walls of Amazon for many years afforded me the opportunity to really understand the culture and processes behind an eCommerce giant. So much so, I left Amazon and started my own eCommerce consulting business and Brand Focus Digital came to fruition.

Fortunately for our business, I’m not the only one that can bring Amazon experience to the table. We have several members on our team that have also enjoyed prior roles with the company. This combined history allows us to better help clients sell their products on the largest eCommerce platform on the planet.

Yes, we help manufacturers sell their products with other online retailers. But selling products on Amazon is definitely in our wheelhouse given the foundation on which Brand Focus Digital was built. Personally, since I was a prior Vendor Manager at Amazon, I know the tools that Amazon uses, and I’ve experienced what Vendors experience themselves. This has taught me how to diagnose issues and troubleshoot vendors’ problems before most “so called” Amazon experts can.

Part of building a team of experts is to invest in building and optimizing their skills with Amazon tools. Annually, our team completes the Amazon Advertising certification program to ensure we have the latest strategies in Amazon DSP, Sponsored products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Video Ads. Additionally, we ensure to use the latest innovations and beta programs within enhanced content, Brand Store building, Posts, and promotions (Brand Tailored).

Since leaving Amazon, it’s been a sincere pleasure working with the talented members on our team and helping other businesses achieve their eCommerce goals and realize their eCommerce outcomes. We purposely ensure that our client-to-team ratio is low, so quality and attention is guaranteed for every client. This guarantee helps motivate us and our team gains personal value from being able to serve as a direct link to the merchants we help.

Clint George
Brand Focus Digital

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