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Websites for Seattle Area Dentists

A great friend of mine Justin was in the process of buying a new dental practice and he knew that they needed a brand new website. The old site was built in the late 1990’s and it showed! It was your typical brochure ware with limited content and the design was outdated. After a few discussions we agreed that a new site was needed and to do this right, we needed a custom design.

Initial Website Planning

When customers come to their site for the first time, we wanted to show off the building, the landscaping, and most importantly what it looked like inside the office. We wanted potential customers to also see the dentists so they can get comfortable that these are real people in a great location. Before we started on the design we needed high quality photos! Justin’s wife Jenny took most of the photos and as you can see below in the design they came out great.

Logo Design for Dentists

Their old logo wasn’t indicative of their business and we needed something subtle and more modern.The final logo is shown below in the top left of the home page and it came out great!

Custom Website Design for Seattle Area Dentists

We didn’t want a cookie cutter site for Issaquah Dental Arts, we wanted something that really stood out and conveyed quality. Issaquah is a well to do community in the eastern suburbs of King County and it was important that our site be very professional looking to cater to their potential customers. I worked closely with my designer to get inspiration from other sites, but really create something visually appealing, yet unique. When we created the initial home page design we showed Justin and he was very happy. There were a few tweaks we needed to make (the video on the right hand side was added later) and the top navigation sections went through a few different iterations until we finally settled on the look we all liked. The output of the home page design was an Adobe Photoshop file that then could be coded into CSS and HTML.

Dental Procedure Pages

The dentistry offered many different types of services, everything from teeth cleanings, cosmetic work, implants, pediatric dentistry, fillings, oral cancer screenings and crowns. It was important to explain the work that Issaquah Dental Arts could provide so we created discrete pages for each of these services. There is also a lot of technology in their dental office, they have a digital X-Ray system, a Digital Impression system for capturing the shape of teeth and most importantly an in office crown system so that you can get your porcelain crown done in just one visit (normally it’s 2, one for the temporary and another visit for the permanent one).

Dental Patient Forms

A new patient form is typically very long and can take you 20-30 minutes to fill out the first time. This is aggravating for the user and it generates more paperwork for the dentist office. The goal was to create an online form so that users could fill out the information at home prior to their first visit and once the data is submitted Issaquah Dental Arts was able to log the information digitally and cut down dramatically on the amount of paperwork they were generating. This project was a huge success as it saved a lot of time for the dental office and a lot of trees as they reduced the amount of paperwork that needed to be stored.

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