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Shopify Summer Editions: Product Taxonomy

Diving into the latest Shopify Summer Editions 2024 and there is a ton to review! One of the announcements I found most interesting was the rebuild of Shopify’s Product Taxonomy. There are now 10K+ categories for your merchant products spread across 26 business verticals. Some examples of business verticals are: Animals and Pet Supplies, Baby and Toddler, Electronics, Health and Beauty, Vehicles and Parts and much more.

Importantly this product taxonomy is a public repository on GitHub that has all 26 high level business verticals (categories) and then you can drill down 5 levels to properly categorize your product. Making this repository public allows Shopify to collect feedback from merchants and then make updates to the categories and subcategories. As a merchant, when you add a product to Shopify, it will use the new product taxonomy by default. Additionally, ShopifyMagic has been integrated to even give you suggestions based on the taxonomy live in the GitHub repository.

Shopify is also introducing the concept of product attributes which are category specific and function very similarly to product metafields. Swatches are also now natively supported by Shopify’s product taxonomy – this is a useful feature for all kinds of product categories.

Downstream from product creation this revamped product hierarchy should provide some powerful benefits for many of the following functions:

  • Collections
  • Filter and Search
  • Upsells
  • Cross Sells
  • Post Checkout Recommendations

I’m just getting started with my review of Editions, but this one feels like a powerful under the hood update that will end up paying dividends for merchants very quickly!

Chad Fisher


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