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Shopify and Amazon Partnership

Shopify announced early in 2017 a number of great Amazon integrations that will make it easier for Amazon customers to make purchases on Amazon. In addition Shopify store owners will soon be able to syndicate their products on to the Amazon marketplace.

Checkout and Pay with Amazon

When Amazon customers are on Shopify stores, they can now make payments from their existing Amazon account and bypass entering in their payment information. This is a huge win for Shopify as Amazon customers can skip entering their address and payment information and checkout quickly. Shopify merchants you need to make sure to enable the “Login and Pay” with Amazon in the payment settings section of your Shopify dashboard.

Amazon Fulfillment

Shopify store owners can now utilize Amazon fulfillment centers to pick, pack and ship products. The big win here for Shopify merchants is the ability to offer 1 or 2 day shipping because with inventory located in an Amazon fulfillment center that is a guarantee they can deliver on.

Selling your Shopify Products on Amazon

Right now if you want to sell your Shopify products on Amazon you are required to open an Amazon merchant account. You can export your products from Shopify, update the fields and then re-upload them to Amazon to sell on the Amazon marketplace. This will all be changing soon as Shopify is going to allow you to list and sell your products directly on Amazon from your Shopify dashboard. You can follow along with the updates about selling on Amazon through Shopify here on this dedicated page that Shopify created.

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