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Hire Influencers

If your product is inherently social, then you need to consider paying influencers on Instagram, You Tube, Twitter and Facebook to promote your product. Your social pages needs to be vibrant and active for you to convert the traffic that will come from influence marketing so don’t bother hiring influencers until you are actively contributing to your own social media channels.

Social Media Giveaways

You can do a lot of the homework yourself to find influencers. If you are on Twitter, search by hashtag, look at the number of followers and tweets that person sends out and you can always contact them offline to see if they are interested in your product. Establish goals for your giveaway, are you going to give away free products in exchanges for mentions or tweets? Make sure to follow through on your giveaway at the end and then measure the results.

Hire Celebrities

All of the big companies hire celebrity endorsers for their product, why should the smaller merchants be left out? You can reach out to celebrity influencers about your product and there are many companies that offer this service. By hiring a celebrity to endorse your product you are co-opting their fame and using it to sell your product. Be wary of the celebrity though and the messages they send out on social media, you don’t want your brand associated with just anyone.


Are you creating videos about your product? If not you should start doing that and posting them on your own YouTube channel. Are there people that might be a great fit for your product that already create You Tube videos? Consider reaching out to them if the fit is right, it’s important that the person potentially overlap with your audience, that is more important that the number of followers that they have. There are companies that can help you find YouTube influencers, reach out to discover pricing as this can help propel your campaign.

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