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Highly potent medical-grade supplement that helps keep your urinary tract clean.

Ellura is a doctor recommended urinary tract supplement that starts working quickly and keeps working to promote a clean urinary tract. Ellura came to Ambaum in early 2020 looking for help with development on their website We jumped into the project and initially helped Ellura out with some writing some scripts in the Shopify Plus script editor and then also cleaned up their product variants. In addition we implemented quantity discounts on their product detail page, helped out some app selections and made updates to a new product recently added to the site.

In the spring of 2020, Ellura decided they wanted to completely redesign their site. Ambaum’s COO and Creative Director came up with a fresh look for the new Ellura home page, collection, page product detail page, cart and more. Ellura also had their own design team and ended up using our design inspiration + their internal design team to come up with the look they wanted. Ambaum developed the new Shopify Plus site on top of Shopify Theme Kit. We have created a proprietary custom theme that includes a lot of pre-built sections, snippets, scripts, icons, and much more. Our starter theme gave Ellura the benefit of a professional theme and they got the flexibility of building everything from the ground up to fully accommodate the look and feel of their new site.

Ellura sells a lot of products through their Shopify Plus site, but they also leverage a team of customer service representatives(CSRs) to take orders over the phone. The CSRs spend a lot of time in Salesforce, but they also need to get access to the Shopify dashboard as well as Recharge for subscription orders. Ambaum created a custom app that connected the Shopify, Salesforce and Recharge API, so Ellura CSRs could enter their work in one location and save them a ton of time.

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