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Create a Loyalty Program For Your eCommerce Store

A loyalty program is a way for your eCommerce store to reward your most dedicated customers. You can reward your most fervent customers by giving them points for performing activities on behalf of your store. Some example activities that could earn points are:

  • Repeat purchases
  • Sharing links of your products on social media
  • Referring a friend to sign up or make a purchase at your store
  • Creating product reviews on your site and 3rd party platforms (Google, Facebook, etc)

These activities will earn your customers points in your loyalty program. The points can be redeemed for anything you want, here are some examples:

  • Product discounts, buy one get one free, etc
  • Exclusive access to beta products and/or insight into the product pipeline
  • Exclusive access to company events
  • Phone call with your product team to discuss feedback and future product suggestions

When you go the full mile with your loyalty program you are creating brand ambassadors. These ambassadors will go forth and be the advocates for your brand. Because these ambassadors are not officially aligned with your company, the feedback they provide will provide a much stronger social signal to your potential customers. Think of product reviews on Amazon, before you go buy a product, there’s a great chance that you will go and read third party reviews before purchasing from a new company. That’s what these brand ambassadors will do for your eCommerce store.

Sweet Tooth Rewards is an excellent loyalty program that allows you to establish events and reward your customers with points for achievement.

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