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4 Content Marketing Tips for your Seattle Small Business

You know that you need to start marketing your company, but where do you start? Follow these 4 tips and you will become a savvy content marketer in no time.

Create a Content Strategy

As a small business it’s important you take time to craft a content marketing strategy. For example, what type of content do you want to create? I was talking to an orthodontist in Tacoma the other day and he was in the process of formulating his content strategy. He decided that he needed informational guides about the types of dental procedures he performs and in addition he wants to start blogging regularly.

What can you write about that will set you apart from the competition? What is special about your business that you want the world to know? Think about your secret sauce and what you are passionate about in your company. Why did you start the business in the first place? If you can start answering these questions, you can write about your journey. After some introspection, your content strategy will start to fall in place as you write about what you know.

Set a Budget for your Writing

If you want to do all the writing in-house your incremental hard costs will be minimal. However you do need to consider your time and think about when you plan to do your writing. You want to create a report that describes a new product you launched, when will you schedule time to write that? Set aside hours each week (or even 30 minutes each day) and you will start seeing immediate results.

Too busy with your day to day work to spend time writing? You can outsource your writing projects to a 3rd party company, use a writing marketplace or look on Craigslist for a writer. Set a budget each month and use that money to create blog posts, rewrite product descriptions, craft white papers or whatever content makes the most sense for your Washington state business.

Track Your Content

What content is generating the most visitors? Which articles got you the most leads? It’s important that you setup the correct tracking to get the best results. The very first step is to make sure that Google Analytics is installed on your site. Google Analytics is free and will track all the visitors that come to your site so you can see where they are coming from, how long they stay on your site and the specific pages they visit. To learn more about Google Analytics, check out this write up we did.

When you have Google Analytics installed you can set up goals to track certain events that happen on your site. Do you want to know how many people filled out your contact us form? If you are a lawyer in King County and are starting your content marketing program, it would be useful to know how many people are reaching out and emailing you to find out more about your services. With a goal on your contact us page you will know where that person came from and if your new content brought in that new potential customer.

Don’t Forget to Share Your Content

When you roll out a new blog post on your site, your work is not done! It’s important that other people find out about what you have written. Do you have social media accounts? Are you active on Facebook? If so you should share your latest blog post there or even better, do you have a LinkedIn Account? You can write your articles and post them on LinkedIn. You want to get publicity for your content so other people can start sharing it. The ultimate goal is to get other web sites to link to your content. For Google a link is a vote for your content and the more votes you get, the higher your content ranks in Google. The higher your content ranks, the more traffic your site will get!

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